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Courtyard Gardens,
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Riehmers Hofgarten (Riehmer's Court)



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The Factory Hotel

Paasburg's Wines

Riehmer's Court

Architectural Centre

Nicolai House

Mittelhof Country-House

The Hofgarten was built by the master bricklayer Wilhelm Ferdinand August Riehmer in several stages between 1881 and 1899. With the Hofgarten, the dream of a quiet, tranquil life within the city was realized over a hundred years ago. Riehmer grouped 18 five-storey residential buildings around a planted inner courtyard, removed from traffic and noise and reached by a private road. The street and courtyard facades were extravagantly decorated and range from the more austere late classical style to the richer forms of the Renaissance depending on the year they were built. The ugly back sections of residential buildings, known as Hinterhaus and notorious in Berlin, do not exist here. If you wander through the Hofgarten in the block between Yorkstrasse, Grossbeeren and Hagelberger Strasse and Mehringdamm, you will find the pleasantness and quiet of the courtyard space a refreshing change from the hubbub of the streets. In the 80’s, a new building was arbitrarily added to the Hofgarten in place of the left wing of Yorkstrasse 85/86 which was destroyed in the War. This spoils the homogenity of the pleasant layout which has been listed since 1953.



Address: Yorkstr. 83-86, Hagelberger Str. 9 und 12, Großbeerenstr. 56-57
Bus, Tube, Tram: U 6 und U 7 Mehringdamm; Bus 119, 140, 219