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Mittelhof (Country-House)


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Villa von der Heydt

Villa Harteneck's Garden

Mittelhof Country-House


Mittelhof gives an appearance of modesty with its layout of one-storey buildings. In spite of its rustic character with a drive lined by birch trees over 70 metres long and the large number of rooms that it incorporates, it was designed purely as a family home in the style of a country house. The wings of the brick building with its slate roof, built by Hermann Muthesius in 1914/5 were grouped around a central courtyard, embellished at that time by the spring, and around a smaller atrium which was later covered by glass. The site and surrounding garden are part of the Nicholassee Rehwiese (deer pasture) which goes through the area from the southern end of the Schlachtensee to Potsdamer Chaussee. The Zentrum Moderner Orient (the Centre for the Contemporary Orient) which researches countries of the Near East, South Asia and Africa has had use of the impressive house since 1997. Public colloquiums are organized on the last Thursday of the month. By maintaining an extensive public reference library, the building itself is kept open, which, from an architectural point of view is one of the most significant country houses in Berlin.


Address: Kirchweg 33 14129 Berlin
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Bus, Tube, Tram: S 1 und S 7 Nikolassee, 
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