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Standesamt Charlottenburg, (The Charlottenburg registry office) 


Registry Office

Gründerzeit Museum 

Villa von der Heydt

Villa Harteneck's Garden

Mittelhof Country-House


The former Villa Kogge, the present registry office of Charlottenburg, is definitely the most handsome building of its type in Berlin. Constructed in 1864 in the style of Karl Friedrich Schinkel , it is the only surviving example of the many grand villas that were originally built in this part of the city. The garden facade, which emerges from a small and pretty rose garden, is perhaps the most attractive of the four richly appointed aspects of the house which are decorated with columns, figures and friezes. Just two or three minutes on foot from Richard-Wagner-Platz, the Villa is situated in an ideal position, away from the traffic noise of the Otto-Suhr-Allee. If you allow yourself to contemplate the glorious setting a little longer, either from the old cast iron benches in the garden or from the entrance, you cannot help complimenting this district, which can offer such a wonderful place to its prospective honeymooners.


Address: Alt-Lietzow 28  10587 Berlin
Tel: +49 030 - 3430 2249
Bus, Tube, Tram: U 7 Richard-Wagner-Platz; 
Bus X 9, 145