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Ruins and
Michaelskirche (St. Michael's Church)


Franciscan Monastery

St' Michael's Church

The Art's Ruin

August Soller, a pupil of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, built the Michaelskirche between 1851-61. It was the second Catholic church in the city. The building, hailed by Theodor Fontane as the loveliest church in Berlin, looks very Italian. Instead of a tower it is crowned by August Kiss’s figure of Michel, the Archangel and a graceful cupola. The central part of the red brick building is still in ruins after intense damage during the Second World War. But today the church is no longer in its previous disastrous position directly on the border between East and West, and its outstanding influence on town planning is again clearly visible. It lies right in the middle of the main axis of the old Louisenstädtische Canal on the border between Kreuzberg and Mitte and dominates the gardens and water features that have been restored on historical lines within the old canal walls.


Address: Michaelkirchplatz 15  10179 Berlin
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