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In the last days of the war, the Villa at 5 Hittorfstrasse in Dahlem was hit by numerous bullets. It still carries these scars today. Between 1981 and 1985 a new house was built inside the old one, the “Ruine der Künste Berlin.” The architect and director, Professor Wolf Kahlen of the Technical University, explains that it was built in sympathy with the ruin. He views the building as an extended studio that is also there for others to use. A collection of enamel signs with the artists’ names and their projects fills the expanse of a wall from the cellar to the roof and informs one about artistic events that have taken place in the “Ruine.” There is an inherent sense of a building site in the heating that has been installed, wooden floors and plastered walls. The effect is that of an improvised workplace which is not meant to detract from the underlying theme of decay. A similar picture presents itself in the garden. The stone and glass installations are hardly capable of diverting attention from the deterioration of the stately old house. The coexistence of decay and creation in this gallery is an exciting experience, and the dynamic balance of extreme polarities is the theme of Wolf Kahlen’s creative work.



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