Anupam Bansal,
Malini Kochupillai

Architectural Guide


Maholy Nagy

Internationale Zeitschrift
Für Visuelle Kultur

( English, German, French, Czech)


Wilfried Wang,
Dan Sylvester

Hans Scharoun

Berlin 1956-1963



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Since 1995, the German Centre for Architecture (Deutsches Architektur Zentrum) has been rising like a phoenix from the ashes between Köpenicker Strasse and the southern bank of the Spree, near the centre of the thermal power station. It is surrounded by industrial remains and rotting buildings. Architects, city-planners, landscape-designers and their professional bodies together with engineers, artists and designers were daring enough to take over an industrial building from the turn of the century that had once manufactured tools. The complex was carefully redeveloped to retain its features and white and green -tiled ornamentation. It was extended and a new floor constructed over the whole building with an airy roof construction, made of steel, and reminiscent of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie. The imposing entrance of glass and steel is followed inside by industrial splendour and extensive conference rooms. The Scharoun and Taut Hall, exhibition galleries, the Cafe Mies with extra tables in one of the courtyards...This modern academy for construction is framed by black industrial ruins and a luxuriant stretch of wasteland going down to the Spree. One reaches it via two temporary slip roads from Köpenicker Strasse marked with a large, rather cryptic sign saying “DAZ 48 49”.




Address: Köpenickerstr. 48/49  10179 Berlin
Bus, Tube, Tram: U 8 Heinrich-Heine-Straße; Bus 265