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Honigmond Hotels


The Honigmond Garden Hotel opened in Invalidenstrasse at the northern periphery of the Mitte area in October 2000. English reticence combines with southern extravagance in this expensively restored building. The larger rooms that look onto the street and the smaller quieter rooms with a view over the garden are individual and imaginative, furnished partly with pieces taken from the fund of a theatre. A spacious, luxuriantly planted garden courtyard has been developed from the topsoil of a nursery which was here in the 1960's, part of the famous Spaeth'sche horticultural firm. In six ground-floor rooms, the guest can enjoy the rare luxury of a garden residence in central Berlin. All rooms are en-suite and are available with breakfast included. Single rooms cost between DM 139.- and DM 169.- while double rooms are from DM 199.- to DM 249.- . Two minutes away on foot is the second Honigmond Hotel, a corner house at 12 Tieckstrasse and 28 Borsigstrasse. It is pleasantly situated on the first floor above a restaurant of the same name. The twelve rooms have the generous proportions and unconventional appearance of modernised old Berlin buildings with wooden floors and stuccoed ceilings. Here, a single room costs between DM 69.- and DM 129.- while double rooms range from DM 99.- to DM 199.-. The more luxurious rooms are from DM 139.- to DM 199.- excluding breakfast. The delightful restaurant opens for lunch during the week and is only open for breakfast at the weekend. In the 1980's, the so-called Borsig-Eck was much frequented by GDR (German Democratic Republic) dissidents and closed by the Stasi (Secret Police) shortly before the Wall came down, ostensibly because it was over -crowded. Both Honigmond houses are pleasantly quiet in spite of their proximity to the bustling cultural activity of the Spandauer Vorstadt. Rented apartments are available for longer stays.

Adresses: Invalidenstr. 122  10115 Berlin
Tel: +49 030 281 00 77  Fax: +49 030 281 00 78
Tieckstr. 12 / Borsigstr. 28  10115 Berlin
Tel: +49 030 2844 5-0   Fax: +49 030 2844 55-11
Bus, Tube, Tram:
U 6 Zinnowitzer Straße; S 1, S 2 Nordbahnhof; Bus 157, 245; Tram 8, 50
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