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Special Buys
and Markets
Mélanie's Specialities
(This shop does not exist any more)


Paasburg's Wines

Lunch lectures Guggenh

Ackerstr. Market Hall

Café Buchwald

Arminiuspl. Market Hall

Villa Harteneck's Garden
Mélanie's Specialities
Ave Maria

Berlin Teahouse

The small shop between Steinplatz and Knesebeckstrasse is regarded by many of its regular customers as a place of pilgrimage. For over thirty years, the owner has gathered the best, the most refined and unusual things from all over the world in this, literally, most delicious part of Charlottenburg. The qualified chef and pastry cook uses everything from sweet to bitter in his 68 types of truffle, including curry powder, horseradish, garlic, asparagus and green tea. He confides that one can work gastronomic wonders with the unusual flavours by freezing them and then adding delicate slices to an iced dessert . Fourteen of the truffle recipies are unique and like many of his creations, are not to be found elsewhere in the city. Whatever brings lovers of sweet delicacies from all over the city to the sensuous shop in the Goethestrasse, - whether it be coffee beans tossed in cocoa, a gently stirred apricot conserve, the darkest chocolate or Grappa, made delightfully smooth with the addition of milk, - the chocolate maker from Saxony almost always succeeds in conjuring up one's wishes and presenting them wrapped in lovely words and stories. For at this he is also a master.  



Adresse:  Goethestr. 4   10623 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 - 313 83 30   Fax +49 30 - 313 83 30
Bus, Tube, Tram: U 2, U 12 Ernst-Reuter-Platz;
Bus X 49
Hours of Opening: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10-19.00 ; 
Sat 10-14.00