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Cafes and 
Prenzlauer Berg
Ye Rim Won Gallery/Cafe and Bo Mun Sa Temple
(The Ye Rim Won has closed down; actual website:


Hugendubel Tauentzien

Sale e Tabacchi

Chinese Tea House

Lunch lectures Guggenh.

Tajikistan Tearoom

Ye Rim Won 

Café Buchwald
Gallery Mutter Fourage

Berlin Teahouse

The first clue of the Asiatic hospitality which awaits the passerby in the grey Danziger Strasse, is the bamboo in the small garden in front of the Ye Rim Won. “The fragrance of a cup of tea raises the capacity of sensual perceptions and inspires inner peace.” These words characterize the spirit of this place and originate from its host, the Korean Zen monk Byong-Oh Sunim. He is director of the Ye Rim Won Gallery and the only master artist in Germany who teaches Korean and Chinese calligraphy. In the gallery, one can contemplate traditional Korean art and Goethe poems written in a beautiful calligraphic style while drinking a cup of date tea. In addition, there are delicious little Asiatic dishes. Byong-Oh Sunim is also the guardian of the “Bo Mun Sa” Temple which is located in a large room behind the Gallery/Cafe. On Sundays, there are Buddhist devotions, Zen meditation, teaching and recitals. In addition, Tai Chi and Chi Kung are practiced and acupressure is taught once a month.




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