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Berlin free of
Nicolaihaus (Nicolai House)
(Since 2007 the Nicolai House is closed for the public)


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Nicolai House

Körnerpark Gallery

Friedrich Nicolai, a publisher after whom
13 Brüderstrasse is named, first acquired the house in 1787 when it was about a hundred years old. Around the turn of the century he had it altered to its present state. For several decades Nicolaihaus, later belonging to his son-in-law and his son in turn, was the cultural hub of the city with which famous contemporaries like Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Moses Mendelssohn, Daniel Chodowiecki and Karl Friedrich Schinkel were associated. The building’s real treasure is its generous proportions. It has over 30 rooms, two ancient staircases and an inner courtyard straight out of a fairy-tale which is cobbled and covered with a vine. It has a gallery running around it and a small walnut tree in the centre. In the summer months, the courtyard is open to the public for refreshments. It is a timeless place of unique intimacy. Since February 2000 and until its well-deserved renovation at some uncertain time in the future, the charm and exclusiveness of the house can be experienced again at various special exhibitions. On Wednesdays, entrance is free as it is in all the houses belonging to the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (Berlin City Museum Foundation).




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