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Architecture Treptow
Treptow Crematorium


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Treptow Crematorium

Church Hohenzollernpl.

Universum Cinema

Mittelhof Country-House

Ahmadiyya Mosque

Treptow Crematorium has become an object of study for enthusiastic friends and students of contemporary architecture from all over the world. It was built in the years 1996-98 and designed by Axel Schultes with Charlotte Frank, who shortly afterwards also designed the chancellor's office. More fascinating than the building itself is the enclosed space, which has been compared to Stonehenge, Karnac or the Mosque at Cordoba. 29 concrete supports, as made of marble, rise from the ground like trees at irregular intervals and give structure to the rectangular Hall of the Dead. Their tops are crowned by circular capitals of daylight where they break through the ceiling In the centre of this vast grove of pillars lies a round pool, smooth as glass. The geometrical clarity, control of material and light in the crematorium is breathtaking. By also creatively drawing on cultures all over the world, the architects allow the visitor to experience a unique, deep and multi-layered sense of the space.
Address: Kiefholzstr. 221 12437 Berlin
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Bus, Tube, Tram: S 6, S 8, S 9, S 10, S 45, S 46 Baumschulenweg; Bus 166
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