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Bars and
Seeresidenz am Müggelsee (Lakeside residence at Müggelsee)
(The restaurant has closed down)


Hostel am Flußbad


Lakeside Residence. 

Sale e Tabacch

The Exterminating Angel

Architectural Centre


Lübars Village Green

Capt'n Schillow

Ty Breizh-Savoie Rire
At the Flutgraben

The “Seeresidenz am Müggelsee,” Berlin’s most beautiful restaurant on the water, lies adjacent to the last stop of the number 60 tram line, just before the waterworks at Friedrichshagen. The extensive lawn shaded by tall old trees and bordered at one side by a country house directly on the waterfront is more than a terrace or a beer garden. The guests sit with only a low wall, like the railing of a ship, separating them from the lake. The water stretches over two kilometres to the Müggelberge opposite. Bruno Wille, a member of the Friedrichshagen literary circle and sensitive to the natural world, was reminded of the Ostsee (the Baltic) by the sight of the “Müggel.” There is really no other place in Berlin which gives the guest such an expansive view while eating and drinking. One leaves it reluctantly even when bad weather is brewing. If you follow the Müggelseedamm a few hundred metres further, past the waterworks and a former army training site, you will meet a path from Friedrichshagen which crosses the road. It leads down to the edge of the lake and continues for one or two kilometres. It is a delightful sandy path under oaks and pine, occasionally widening out amongst the sand dunes and shore, a joy at any time of year for landlubbers longing for the sea.




Address: Müggelseedamm 288  12587 Berlin
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Bus, Tube, Tram: S 3 Friedrichshagen; Tram 60  Hours of opening: daily 8.00-23.00