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Bars and
The Kiboko Restaurant
(The Kiboko has closed down, see Kid Creole)


Hostel am Flußbad


Lakeside Residence. 

Sale e Tabacch

The Exterminating Angel

Architectural Centre


Lübars Village Green

Capt'n Schillow

Ty Breizh-Savoie Rire
At the Flutgraben

Hidden from Bölschestrasse, behind the one-storey house in which Die Andere Buchhandlung (bookshop) has its quarters is an idyllic courtyard garden. Here is another of the small houses, built about 1850 and now a listed building. Away from the hubbub of the high street, is possibly the most unusual restaurant in Friedrichshagen, the Kiboko. Kiboko is Swahili for rhinocerous, a sacred animal for both the proprietor and the restaurant. Pictures of the thick-skinned creature are everywhere and together with other African mementoes, embellish the two lovingly arranged dining rooms. In the courtyard, under the spreading walnut trees, one can study the menu with its colonial and exotic suggestions, - crocodile, ostrich, guinea fowl. Next to the garden furniture are preserved the remains of the last fruit-bearing mulberry tree in Bölschestrasse, felled in 1998 or ‘99. It is a reminder of the origins of the settlement in the 18th century, when cotton and silk weavers from Bohemia and Saxony settled here and Bölschestrasse was covered by hundreds of mulberry trees.



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