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Berlin 1956-1963



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Bars and
Ty Breizh - Savoie Rire
(The restaurant has closed down)


Hostel am Flußbad


Lakeside Residence. 

Sale e Tabacch

The Exterminating Angel

Architectural Centre


Lübars Village Green

Capt'n Schillow

Ty Breizh-Savoie Rire
At the Flutgraben

A smile from Savoy, a Breton house, - the names are as unusual as the restaurant itself at the western end of the Kant Strasse. They should not be taken literally but understood as preparation for an original French experience. According to the proprietor, he took on the Breton from his predecessors and for the last twelve years has been polishing up the Savoie Rire, a memento of his homeland which rhymes with Savoir Vivre (the art of living.) The food is not strictly regional. Good French country cooking arrives on the roughly hewn wooden tables. The exact order is probably reinvented every evening, depending on the rush of customers. One is surrounded by an astonishing mixture of faded posters, ancient skis and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Nothing, however, can divert one's attention from the regulars' table where the boss is behaving like the captain on the bridge. He does not rely on his guests to entertain themselves but offers an evening show which is in no way inferior to the hearty food. When the guest is finally bidden a warm farewell, he leaves with a hand -written bill and the feeling that he has had more than simply a good meal.

Adress: Tegeler Weg 104  10589 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 - 3456 0155
Bus, Tube, Tram: Bus 109 (Schloßbrücke)              
Hours of Opening:
daily  from 17.00