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Berliner Teesalon (Berlin Teahouse)


Berlin Teahouse

Gallery Mutter Fourage
Mori-Ogai Memorial
Ave Maria
East Harbour
At the Flutgraben


Drink tea and forget the worries of the world (T'ien Yiheng). A good reason to immerse oneself in the wonders of tea, facilitated by the Berliner Teesalon opposite the impressive ruin of the Elisabethkirche (Elisabeth Church) in the  Rosenthaler Vorstadt. It is not immediately obvious that there is a tearoom and a conference hall in addition to the pretty tea shop. The visitor sits surrounded by shelves laden with hundreds of receptacles containing 300 types of tea from all over the world. Among them are handmade raku bowls, silver-plated Oriental teapots, paper-thin porcelain and stocky miniature teapots from China, reminiscent of Taoist statues. The leisurely visitor can try different sorts of tea before buying them, find out about the recommended water temperature, brewing time and the number of possible infusions. The names and descriptions of the various teas are most poetic and tempting. Tea of Cloud and Mist for instance, the Autumn Deity of Compassion, the Phoenix of Tanchauyin or the rare and precious Silver Needle Tea, which the Chinese find like the Sunrise on an alpine meadow when the veils of mist are illuminated. A particular speciality among the direct imports at the Berliner Teesalon are the top quality teas from the Secret Teagardens of China, which were once kept for the exclusive use of the Emperor. Even today, only a few varieties are on the market. If you want to know more about the cultivation of tea, its biochemical, philosophical and poetic characteristics and particular local traditions, you can look at the attractive web-site which presents an astonishing wealth of information and in addition refers to various events about the East Asian cult plant. 




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