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(south of
The exotic herb garden in Teltow
(The garden does not exist any more)


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Exotic Herb Garden


Close to Zehlendorf and just within the city limits, a gardening project dedicated to the growing of exotic herbs has been established in the grounds of the Protestant deaconess' house in Teltow. Winding paths lead through gardens to the two large greenhouses which contain more than 200 sorts of herbs and vegetables from all over the world. Even seasoned herb lovers are surprised by the variety of form, colour, smell and taste. Sage and basil with unusual origins and innovative forms can be found, among them "African Blue", a type of basil from the slopes of Kilimanjaro which can grow up to 2 metres high. The East Indian Basil Tree also lives for several years as does a tender little sage plant from Peru with dark blue, almost black flowers, or the large bushes of a Mexican variety, covered with a mass of red blossoms and with leaves that smell strongly of pineapple. Vegetables and medicinal plants grow among them, such as the graceful Chinese wormwood which is effective against malaria, Siberian paprika which, even with minimal light and warmth can be harvested twice a year, and stevia, with its white flowers and sweet taste. The latter is a great rival of sugar cane and a thorn in the side of the local industry. One of the glasshouses contains the propagating plants, the other a traditional formal garden which, if it were surrounded by a wall, could be set down within an oriental garden or a medievil cloister. The career path of the garden creator seems as wonderful as his plants. The doctor of pharmacology, who came originally from the Persian city of roses, Shiraz, changed direction at the eleventh hour from pharmaceutical management to the study and cultivation of herbs. The greenhouses are both seminar and showrooms for his various courses. Individuals and groups, specialists, amateurs and children can register and be introduced to the ABC of herbs, basic gardening techniques, the medicinal effects and the possibilities of conservation, or the culinary characteristics of the plants in cooperation with an Italian cook. The visitor can buy or order plants by mail, seeds and delicate herb vinegars which are produced with the help of the diaconic workshop employees. It does not take more than 50 minutes by bus or train from the centre of Berlin to the garden. At warm times of year, the visitor will also find pleasant spots outside. Between the terraces of herbs and gourds is a small summer house where one can sample various teas from the plants that are grown here.




Adress: Dr. Ali Moshiri c/o Teltower Diakonische Werkstätten  Lichterfelder Allee 45  14513 Teltow
Tel: +49-30-3210 5178;   0171-890 48 08
Hours of Opening: from march, 2nd - oct., 1st: Mon 8.00-15.30, Tue-Fri 8.00-17.00, Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun 11.00-16.00; from oct., 2nd - march, 1st: Mon-Fri 8.00-15.30                
Bus, Tube, Tram: U 6 and S 4 Tempelhof and Bus 184 or S 25 Lichterfelde Ost and Bus 184