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Löwenbrücke in the Tiergarten (Lions' Bridge)


Café Buchwald

Capt'n Schillow

Villa von der Heydt

Lion's Bridge

Arminiuspl. Market Hall

Rosa Luxemburg Memorial
Ave Maria

In the southwestern corner of the Tiergarten triangle not far from the Neue See, the technically most spectacular bridge in the park spans the water. It is located between the Strasse des 17. Juni, the Hofjägerallee and the Landwehrkanal. Two pairs of lions, made of cast iron, sit on tall stone pedestals holding steel bands in their mouths which support this little wooden bridge. The figures were modelled in the workshop of the sculptor, Christian Daniel Rauch and cast by August Borsig at Oranienburger Tor. In 1838, Ludwig Ferdinand Hesse’s delicate bridge was erected in the Tiergarten. The gently-swinging construction with its wide low balustrade is as useful to the person who wants to cross over, as it is inviting to those who want to sit and chat by the still stretch of water.  


Bus, Tube, Tram: S 3, S 5, S 7, S 9, S 75 Tiergarten; Bus 100, 187, 341