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Dorfaue Lübars (Lübars’ Village Green) 


Buddhist House

Lübars Village Green

Russian Church


Unlike most of the villages which used to make up Greater Berlin, Lübars has preserved its rural character. The village green with a small Baroque church dating from 1793, together with a fire-station, a schoolhouse with a lovely cottage garden and old oak, ash, chestnut and mulberry trees, are all surrounded by a small circle of riding stables and old one-storey farms with classical stuccoed facades. 
There’s also a stately village inn, which is a compulsory stop for lunch. Next to it is the historic and beautiful “Labsaal” which is as big as a dance hall and is a popular events venue. Its programme is worth browsing if you intend to visit the village.
Situated on the northern edge of West Berlin, Lübars was, during the time of the Berlin Wall, a popular destination for West Berlin day-trippers effectively cut off from the city’s surrounding coun-tryside. To the North, beyond the horse paddocks, one looks down into the Tegeler Fliess, an ice-age drainage channel that runs from the Barnim ridge to the Tegeler See (Lake Tegel). A stream flows in great loops through a delightful valley, much loved by ornithologists and criss-crossed by narrow sandy paths.
Leaving the village to the East in the direction of Blankenfelde, one hits a country road, lined by trees and fields, which has an overwhelming impact on the city dweller who yearns for the countryside.

Address: Alt-Lübars  13469 Berlin, www.labsaal.de
Bus, Tube, Tram: S1, S2 Waidmannslust, Bus 222 Alt-Lübars