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Dorfaue Marienfelde (The Marienfelde Village Green)


Comenius Garden

Körnerpark Gallery

Marienfelde Green


Pleasant memories of rural life are retained in more than fifty village centres in Berlin, with their surviving village greens and churches. After Lübars, the Marienfelde village green offers the most structurally cohesive and striking picture of village life in the city. In the centre is the oldest village church in Berlin, a rectangular parallel-piped granite building built by the Knights Templars in the first third of the thirteenth century. The church is open on Sunday afternoons, and on the first Sunday of the month there is usually a music service at five p.m.
The Department for the Preservation of Gardens has reconstructed ponds and paths at both sides of the squat building with its low tower. With the renovation of the farmhouses now complete, plus the small tenement buildings, two village inns and wonderful old trees, the village centre looks almost exactly as it did at the start of the twentieth century. 
The eastern part spreads over into the former Kiepertsche estate. Adolf Kiepert was Marienfelde’s landowner, politician and chief of department. Today his manor house, an elaborately structured villa from the mid-nineteenth century, is home to one of three sites where the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (Federal Institute for the protection of consumer health and veterinary medicine) is based.




Address: Alt-Marienfelde, 12277 Berlin, +49 (0)30 7218036 
Hours of opening: church Sun 15.00-18.00 
Bus, Tube, Tram: S2 Buckower Chaussee; Bus M11, X11, X83, 112, Nahmitzer D./Marienfelder Allee