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The Market Hall in Ackerstrasse


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The market hall in Ackerstrasse was built in 1888, the sixth of fifteen halls set up by the council to put an end to the “unhygienic ways” of the twenty open-air markets that took place every week. The markets found it difficult to compete with the rapidly developing department stores and the street trade that was already there. Four of them closed down again after 1910 and were used in other ways. The Ackerstrasse market hall is the oldest and the only one which, after historical reconstruction, can be experienced as it was originally. The main aisle is high, 12 metres wide and has side windows. Like the two smaller and lower side aisles it rests on cast iron supports and steel ties. The main entrance is decorated with richly ornamented terracotta tiles. The division of the building is most unusual. Just a few retailers share the vast hall with a huge supermarket. The customers are used to it. The Consumer Cooperative ran the first supermarket project in the German Democratic Republic here and anyway, in this hall, even doing the supermarket shopping is something out of the ordinary.





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