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The Teahouse in the Chinese Garden in Marzahn


Gründerzeit Museum

Chinese Tea House


The Berghaus zum Osmanthussaft (the mountain lodge of the osmanthus sap) is a classical Chinese tea pavillion. Based on designs from the Beijing Institute for classical garden design and planted by Chinese garden specialists, it lies in the centre of the Garten des wiedergewonnenen Mondes (Garden of the Recovered Moon). 
It forms the southern part of the Erholungspark Marzahn (Recreation Park at Marzahn). The Chinese Garden was the first of the Marzahn Gardens of the World to open, in autumn 2000. All the materials were imported from China, including the massive, jagged Thai-Hu rocks. The artificial lake landscape, conceived as a scholar’s garden, was financed by VW Shanghai. 
It is no coincidence that the teahouse is run by a landscape designer. On request, she will introduce the Chinese art of tea, a ceremony that lasts for about an hour. During the ceremony guests study the tea’s appearance, perfume and taste, and meet with the ‘teapot of justice’ in order to understand the deeper philosophical characteristics that tea holds. Yet this is merely an introduction, for, according to the tea and landscape expert, the true art of tea is found only in harmony with nature. 
The art of tea takes place on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 and 4.30 p.m. and booking is necessary. Special arrangements can be made for groups. The teahouse also has a large number of Chinese teas and biscuits for sale in its attractive rooms and on the lake terrace. There is a small gift shop in the adjoining building.





Address: Eisenacher Str. 99, 12685 Berlin, +49 01793945564,
Hours of opening: Apr-Oct daily 10.30-18.00 
Bus, Tube, Tram: S7 Marzahn; Bus 195 Erholungspark Marzahn