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Sale e Tabacchi

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A lively business and restaurant scene has risen like an island in Kreuzberg’s old newspaper zone. This is located at the intersection of the former Kochstraße, now called Rudi-Dutschke-Straße, and Friedrichstraße, which pumps life from the busy Mitte district into this part of Kreuzberg. 
The Sale e Tabacchi, casual and elegant in Italian style, is situated in Rudi-Dutschke-Haus. The large café-bar windows look out onto the street. The rear part of the narrow and extremely high-ceilinged guest room and the charming Mediterranean courtyard garden are set for meals. 
This captivatingly generous and sophisticated place was designed by Max Dudler, a Swiss master builder whose work is among the best of Berlin‘s contemporary architecture. The house belongs to and houses the left-alternative newspaper, the Tageszeitung. 
It was named after Rudi Dutschke on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the assassination attempt on the student leader, and lies in tense proximity to Axel Springer’s tabloid empire, whose newspapers spearheaded the campaign against the Student Movement in the sixties and seventies. The name-change in this part of the Kochstraße (to Rudi-Dutschke-Straße), corresponds to another name-change in 1996 when the part of Lindenstraße that runs from the Axel-Springer-Building to Spittelmarkt was named Axel-Springer-Straße.
Among the numerous street renamings that occured after the collapse of the GDR, this one was unique and enduring. It resulted in almost incidentally inscribing the street map with the conflict lines of the 1968 Student movement, thus providing Berlin with a topographic memorial of those events.



Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin, +49 (0)30 2521155,
Hours of opening: daily from 10.00
Bus, Tube, Tram: U6 Kochstraße; Bus M29 U Kochstr./Checkpoint Charlie