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Lapidarium of the Berlinische Galerie
(The House is closed for the public)


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Exterminating Angel


The former Pumping Station lll is situated just before Schöneberger Brücke and can be reached from Hallesches Ufer and Schöneberger Strasse. The low, richly ornamental brick building has been listed since 1972. It is largely hidden from view by the greenery alongside the canal, the route of the elevated railway and a neighbouring council office building. Only the chimney with its four divisions, reminiscent of a minaret, draws one’s attention to the picturesque quality of the industrial building which was constructed in the 1870’s. It was one of several pumps that were built to conduct the city’s sewage to the vast fields that lay far beyond its gates. This significant chapter in the history of city sanitation is linked with the names of the doctor Rudolf Virchow and the engineer James Hobrecht. Today the lapidarium of the Berlinische Galerie with its collection of 19th century sculptures, discarded and threatened by wind and weather, is housed in the building. The doors are opened now and again when jazz concerts and other cultural events take place. The Kulturbüro Berlin also enables access to the interior of the Lapidarium. Its regular guided tours introduce the house’s architecture, technical inventory and sculptural treasures under the title ”Reclame royale - die Siegesallee im Lapidarium.”





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