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The Späth dynasty of gardeners succeeded in increasing their inheritance and building up a horticultural business of international standing over six generations, from 1720 to 1944. 
Franz Späth, the penultimate and most successful in the line of heads of the family, increased the acreage of the area he inherited from his father a hundred times over. The origin and the name of the Baumschulenweg district are due to his influence. According to the plans of the Director of the City Gardens, Gustav Meyer, he made a garden around his house, built in 1874, from which today’s arboretum has developed.
It was designed like an English park and served as a garden for the house, an experimental area for the tree nursery and a plant display area for customers. The diverse use of the garden combined with Meyer’s design skills have brought about its density and unusual intimacy. The area, a mere 3.5 hectares, is filled with over 4,000 types of plants and is criss-crossed by unusually narrow paths. The water area and stone garden (only added in 1928/9) are particularly delightful. 
In the sixties, the house was adapted to an institutional building for the Humboldt University, the damage caused by neglect was rectified, all the plants were provided with labels and the arboretum was opened again to a fascinated public. Since 1995 a traditional festival takes place in mid-September, and on one Sunday a month, during peak growing season, there are concerts and guided tours.






Address: Späthstr. 80/81, 12437 Berlin, +49 (0)30 6366941,
Hours of opening: Apr-Oct, Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10.00-18.00
Bus, Tube, Tram: S8, S9, S46, S47 Baumschulenweg; Bus 170, 265 Baumschulenstr./Königsheideweg