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Staying the Night in the Old Fisherman‘s Quarter in Köpenick  


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It is hard to imagine a more direct and dramatic change than the transition from the shrill traffic of the Müggelheimer Straße to the rustic scenery of the area on the banks of the Frauentog. The Kietz, now a sleepy little street, was an independent fishing village until its incorporation into Köpenick at the end of the nineteenth century. 
There were thirty-one houses of one storey spread out on both sides of the street. Half a dozen of them have been preserved. Together with their outbuildings they form little courtyards and gardens, restored and nicely spruced up by the Department for the Conservation of Monuments and Ancient Buildings. Multi-storey buildings dating from the Gründerjahre period have pushed up in-between.
Number 8 Kietz is one of the historic fisherman’s houses in which there are guest rooms available. Further accommodation can be found in the former bakery, in No. 12 Kietz. This building is around 240 years old and still has traditional fishing rights. Accomodation for two guests is offered in the attic. 
Directly opposite, in 21 Kietz, visitors will find accomodation in a specially converted garden house. Guests have a separate entrance over the Breite Gasse, one of three passageways to the water used by fishermen who lived on the far side of the river. A large terrace opens into the garden, which stretches down to the landing stage on the bank of the Frauentog. From here there is a view of the Köpenick Palace which lies on an island between Frauentog and the River Dahme. This idyllic spot seems to be made for people travelling by water, who can moor their boats here.











Addresses: Fr. Wachsmuth-Leege, Kietz 21, 12557 Berlin, +49 (0)30 6511047; Hr. Wünsch, Kietz 8,
+49 (0)30 6510751,; Fr. Boerger, Kietz 12, +49 (0)30 65880537 
Bus, Tube, Tram: S47 Spindlersfeld; Bus 167 Landjägerstr.; Tram 62 Betriebshof Köpenick