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Kid Creole - Cajun Restaurant


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Kid Creole has been following a tradition of exotic cooking in the south-east of Berlin since 2006. Hidden from Bölschestraße, the busy main street of Friedrichshagen, the restaurant resides in a listed, 150-year-old one-storey-house with a tranquil garden court-yard shaded by a walnut tree. 
Its menu is comprised of a mixture of Jambalayas (think paella), spicy gumbos and hearty dishes of poultry, pork, fish, mussels, prawns and even alligator, prepared with bacon and lard. Sweet potatoes and okra are common ingredients; peppers, onions and celery are essential. The chef spent several months in the Baton Rouge area of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana where he studied the art of Cajun cuisine (which was originally Franco-Canadian and which later absorbed Creole and other influences). 
The restaurant can comfortably seat fifty in its two mediterranean-inspired dining rooms and the leafy garden courtyard. Amongst the garden furniture, space has been made for the trunk of one of the last remaining mulberry trees in Bölschestraße. It brings to mind the Bohemian and Saxon cotton and silk weavers who were settled in this area in the eighteenth century; during which hun-dreds of mulberry trees grew on what is the present-day street. In the owner’s search for a suitable building for their restaurant, it was this area that seemed the most fitting, with its low weaver’s cottages and courtyards full of nooks and crannies reminiscent of the modest houses in the Cajun homeland.



Address: Bölschestr. 10, 12587 Berlin, +49 (0)30 65076680,
Hours of opening: Mon-Sun 16.00-24.00 
Bus, Tube, Tram: S3 Friedrichshagen; Tram 60, 61 Müggelseedamm/Bölschestr.