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Prenzlauer Berg
(The restaurant does not exist any more)


Stralau Walk 


Ye Rim Won

East Habour


Treviso, one of the most attractive restaurants in Berlin, acts as a wonderful prelude to the old industrial area between Metzer Strasse, Prenzlauer Allee, Torstrasse and Schönhauser Allee, some of which has already been modernised. Here, in the expansive rooms of an elevated villa, once the home of a director, homage is paid to the food of northern Italy. The name of the restaurant gives it away. Recipes which stem from the southern Tyrol, Lombardy and Venice are served in a large elegant and well-lit room. The meal, generous and informal, is a pleasure. The relaxed atmosphere of this elegant place is increased still further by a bar, casually furnished with leather chairs and two garden rooms. The first of these is a gem, built on a slope with a fountain.



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